Shenzhen Yuan Rui Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 2008, through the integrity work, the growth of the company, within a period of two years, has passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification. The company plant covers an area of 2,500 square meters, more than 180 employees, professional and technical engineers eight, with the most advanced production and testing equipment, annual output of motor more than 15 million units, "the company is committed to the production and sale of various types of non more than 60 series brush gear motor, worm motor, micro gear motor, DC gear motors and other motor diameters from 12-80 mm. The products are widely used in household appliances, audio-visual products, office automation equipment, medical care, beauty fitness equipment, remote control model, electric tools, toys and other high-end industrial drives, such as cameras, toys, games, mahjong machine, fragrance , mobile phones generators, towel disposal. Automatic sprayer, Automatic facilities, electric toothbrushes, stage lighting, Christmas products, electronic door locks, VCD, DVD, pumps, pump, water meters, gas valves, solenoid valves, blenders, juicers, automatic vending machines, automatic control: the company set permanent magnet DC, AC, DC gear motor gear specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing each other one, it is the domestic R & D and manufacturing started earlier, more varieties, large-scale small-modulus gear and motor manufacturing enterprises. The company of "supreme quality, innovation, integrity management, customer first" business purpose, with our partners, mutual benefit and common development!
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