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Pakistan's first wind power project achieved initial success
   Date:2013-11-7   Hites:437

 Recently, Hydro International Pakistan wind power project 22 # turbine foundation pouring opening, after seven hours of continuous construction, completed all 505m3 concrete pouring. 22 # fan base marks the completion of the construction project 33 wind turbine foundation pouring completed, to complete a total amount of 19,957 cubic meters of concrete aggregate side, the project construction has achieved initial results.
Because the project site is very hot, the construction of ambient temperatures up to 45-50 degrees Celsius, single wind turbine foundation concrete square volume of 500-600 cubic meters, requires one pouring completed, high-temperature environments Mass Concrete Construction of technical problems become The one stumbling block. Project department to seriously study the construction plan, orchestrated workflow, from construction materials, construction technology, aspects such as the use of technological means, strictly control the quality of construction, and finally to overcome the technical difficulties, to ensure all the 33 units without a concrete foundation of any temperature cracking, with excellent quality of construction.
Project to overcome political instability in Pakistan, social environment is poor and extremely harsh natural conditions, the difficulties, the planned completion of the fan base of high quality construction, the overall implementation of the plan for the project has laid a solid foundation to ensure that the November 2013 and the tower Host lifting work could start as scheduled.

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