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Efficient policies to support the rapid development of the motor by
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 With China's accession to the WTO, the domestic motor industry faces tremendous competitive pressure from the international community and the challenges of growing. From international and domestic development trend, China's high-efficiency motors promotion is necessary, which is the development of the product, so that our products keep pace with the international development trend of the motor, but also conducive to promoting technological progress and the need for export .
According to statistics, in 2002 the country's total consumption of electrical power consumption more than 60%, of which three small power consumption accounts for about 35% of the induction motor is power-hungry, so the development of Chinese efficiency motors is an important measure to improve energy efficiency One, in line with our development needs, it is very necessary.
Promote efficient motor can be traced back to 2008, from 2008, China in 2008 will be included in the national top ten motor system energy saving projects, one in 2009 again efficient, ultra-efficient motor applications included in the Waste Management Project, June 2010 May 2 Kusakabe issued a notice that will be efficient motors incorporate energy-saving products Huimin project scope, high efficiency motor marketing concern. Visible, the state will be efficient motor into the market, more than five years. But not fully integrated into the efficient motor market, in particular, holds partly concealed a great feeling.
It is reported that China's industrial energy consumption accounts for 70% of total energy consumption, including electrical energy consumption accounts for 60% of industrial energy consumption to 70%, plus the non-energy industrial motors, motor actual energy consumption of the total energy consumption 50%. Now the low proportion of energy efficient motor applications. According to the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of small motors on the domestic motor 198 key enterprises sample survey, which reaches two or more energy efficient motors compared to only 8% of our society a tremendous waste of resources.
Why efficient motor has not yet really into the market? Their higher prices, the market situation is not ideal, so that fewer manufacturers, causing the user's awareness on efficient motor is not enough, this is one of the main reasons.
This year, the Ministry of Industry on March 26 issued the "2013 Industrial Energy Conservation and Green Development special action plan" notice proposed in 2013 will focus on promoting the implementation of special programs to enhance the energy efficiency of the motor. Specific actions to implement the following objectives: to achieve the country's industrial electricity consumption savings of 1% (30 billion degrees), to explore the development of industrial energy efficiency and green patterns and ways to achieve to achieve a point, and drive energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of industrial progress overall. According to the embodiment, in 2013 the Ministry will promote efficient motors, eliminating inefficient motors and motor system energy saving technological transformation of existing six aspects, promotion, elimination and energy-saving motors and electrical systems 100 million kilowatts, and expand market share in high efficiency motor to promote the upgrading of electrical products and industrial upgrading.
Thus, the government is vigorously promoting efficient motor, but needs to continue to increase promotional efforts. However, in the current market economy, short-sighted companies are cutting costs for procurement, which is efficient motor higher prices become a contradiction. Therefore, the promotion of high efficiency motors also need those who govern, improve focus on efficiency, high efficiency motor conduction can quickly link to the downstream market to render the hugely popular scene.

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