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The promotion and application of high-efficiency motors is urgent
   Date:2013-11-7   Hites:487

 Motors use large, low levels of energy efficiency, which restricts the healthy development of China's national economy. The use of the motor, but also there is a "big horse car" phenomenon, the promotion and application of high-efficiency motors is urgent.
Significantly reduced tariff! This is the Goddess of Mercy Hong Kong Hunan Lixian Pumping energy efficient motors after significant changes. Three years ago, stumbled on Dongting Lake in Hunan Water Conservancy Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the recommended list of environmentally friendly products, that a new type of water conservancy special energy-saving motors come in Wuhan. Procurement of new energy-efficient motor pump makes use of energy-saving rate of 3% or more, comprehensive energy saving up to 15% or more.
If the overall efficiency of motor systems by 5%, annual savings of electricity is equivalent to 1 to 2 of the Three Gorges power plant generating capacity. Chinese national standard efficiency motors main drafters Zhao Yuejin told reporters.
This is not an exaggeration. Drag the motor as fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools, conveyor belts and other equipment driving device, widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, municipal and other fields, is the largest power terminal equipment. Electric power consumption of the entire society for 64% of total electricity consumption, 75% of industrial electricity.
Promote efficient motor can be traced back to 2008. China in 2008 will be included in the national top ten motor system energy saving projects, one in 2009 again efficient, ultra-efficient motor applications included in the Waste Management Project in 2010, 2 June issued a circular that will incorporate energy efficient motors range of products that benefit the project implementation, the efficiency motors marketing concern.
Embarrassing situation, although the market for many years has been extended efficient motor, but the motor is not fully integrated into the efficient market, at this stage is still relatively low proportion of high efficiency motors. Research and development of high-efficiency motors basically keep pace with international standards in recent years, technological progress is very optimistic, especially in motor efficiency and abroad there is no difference. Unfortunately our country produces too little IE3 motors domestic applications, mostly for export. Well-known experts in Tang Ren Yuan Motor Academy on the author said. From the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of statistics said that the current domestic motor efficiency motors in use accounted for only about 5%.
Fortunately, this problem has been national attention, ongoing implementation of the National Electric Energy efficiency enhancement program intends to use three years to enhance the national electrical energy efficiency and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading the motor.

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